3 things you need to know before Google Optimize sunsets

3 things you need to know before Google Optimize sunsets

The countdown is on: less than 3 weeks till Google Optimize sunsets!

With Google Optimize sunsetting on September 30th, 2023, the need for a reliable replacement becomes crucial. Optimizely comes to the rescue. Watch now on-demand Optimizely and DEPT® in an open conversation about how Google Optimize customers are transitioning, adopting, and growing into the next phase of their Optimization practice. What are the things you should consider before Google Optimize sunsets? What should be your next steps?

Jeff Cheal our VP product at Optimizely shares how key organizations are using the Google Optimize sunset announcement to double down on their investment by utilizing new features and functions to expand their testing culture.

Additionally, Sam Huston, Chief Strategy Officer from DEPT® offered insights into their collaboration with Google Optimize customers, making the leap to help establish a new strategic framework for a seamless transition and providing best practices for adoption.

Seize this opportunity to acquire new knowledge about Google Optimize’ sunset and pose insightful questions.