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But the difference is in the complete services offering that Optimizely provides alongside our hosting solution. At Optimizely, our engineering team has spent countless hours working directly with Microsoft. Together, they’ve created a services infrastructure around critical components that help your applications run faster, more efficiently, and most importantly, with a pricing model that makes sense for your business. 

To help you better understand the differences, here are five critical reasons that Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform is not just another hosting option. 

1. Scale to fit your business 

Your audience comes and goes. Peaks and valleys can define one year in your digital platform’s lifecycle– building proper infrastructure to handle all these possible changes can be a considerable challenge. Do I support my websites based on “normal” times? How do I properly compensate - and most importantly, invest – based on our most popular times of the year? 

Optimizely’s DXP thinks differently. We do the scaling for you. Our application will adeptly expand and condense based on your traffic needs and conditions, all without changing your pricing as the year goes. Our systems not only monitor for traffic increases but provide prescriptive insights into additional resources as needed 

In today’s marketplace, businesses are too often forced to consider capital expenses in their growth. Optimizely is committed to growing with our customers in a partnership, so our design keeps your site active to match your SLA and allows your operations to dictate your business. 


2. One support team to rule them all 

Your digital infrastructure is not a collection of components – it’s an ecosystem. These components work together daily in harmony to make your things work. When they don’t work, you don’t need your first answer to be, “it’s that other things fault!” 

Unique to Optimizely is our commitment to our technology stack, without unnecessarily complicated vendor relationships. As developers and hosts of our applications, our team has one unified support team that can view any issues as a sum of its parts rather than pointing the fingers somewhere else. Our Reliability Engineering team works with our Application Support teams to solve your needs under one roof. That saves you time and, more importantly, headaches! 

3. Features that make sense for your business 

Optimizely develops critical features to make your Content Management Experience seamless and easy. As your managed services company, we’re also continually launching features that make your life behind the scenes seamless and easy as well. 

Our product team around the Digital Experience Platform works to make our service Enterprise-grade – which means offering key elements like Zero-Downtime deployment and Read-Only Backup if something happens with your site. These features are vital in making the machine move, giving you trust and reliability in elements that just help make things go better 

4. Control at your fingertips 

Managed Services don’t have to mean emailing tickets to faceless systems and waiting for answers. Meet Optimizely’s DXP Management Portal. Access all the critical features to taking ownership over your infrastructure at your fingertips.  

Need to take quick action? We have a portal for you: 

  • Self-Service Deployments – push code from your lower environments up at the push of a button 
  • Log Access – Need to know what is going on? Get access to your logs in real-time 
  • SLA and Analytics – Get a view on your up-time and usage whenever you need 
  • CDN cache cleaning – need to free up performance by clearing your cache? Press a button; you’re all set 

You don’t have to feel like giving up ownership means losing control.  

5. At a cost that makes sense to your business 

You measure success by conversions and customer engagement. You should not have to pay for that success by estimating resources like servers and hosting space that meets your demands. 

Optimizely’s DXP rolls all your costs into a single metric, the number of page views that your applications serve. We offer the type of operational view and measured costs that more easily align with your projected growth rather than continually buying more site keys and server instances. 

Your growth inspires our DXP – our licensing allows for multiple sites to be used and built without changing your annual fees. We even provide common sense options for if you use more than you predicted: buy more page views at an agreed rate rather than having to make considerable investments to your underlying systems 

Sure – Optimizely’s DXP is hosted on Azure. And that is a great thing – Microsoft provides some of the best infrastructures in the world to help build world-class, enterprise-level websites. But that doesn’t mean that we offer just a spot in the cloud. We offer a service that empowers you, allowing you to innovate without limits, that will enable you to integrate with all your key systems and handle all the boring stuff to focus on what matters most to your business.