Opticon is fast approaching. Your best chance to learn how to create optimal digital experiences for your customers will be here sooner than you think. Building your ideal Opticon agenda ahead of time empowers you to make the most of the event and all it has to offer. The digital future might seem uncertain, but your time at Opticon should be anything but!

We have a few ideas about how you and your team can plan an Opticon agenda that will generate growth and evolve with the industry. Once you’ve decided on a course of action, navigate over to the agenda page and build your ideal agenda.

Strengthen your digital knowledge

It’s easy to get lost in this ever-changing and complex digital landscape– stick to what you know and become a true expert at Opticon.

If you’re attending Opticon, chances are you’re already familiar with using Optimizely’s tools, and you’re attending to develop your own digital expertise even further. Each track at Opticon is designed to provide attendees with an in-depth look at their role and boundless potential, no matter their specialty. This conference is a perfect time to keep it consistent and dive into a single track that suits you and your teams’ needs.

Explore other disciplines

See how other industry leaders, marketers, merchandisers, developers, content editors, IT and engineers unlock their digital potential.

Our digital experience offerings do everything to empower collaboration across teams, so it makes sense our annual conference would, too. Take this opportunity to attend different sessions and tracks that would apply to different areas of your team. Learning what your peers and partners across other disciplines are tackling at Opticon unlocks potential for empathy and efficiency. It doesn’t have to completely consume your schedule, but it never hurts to gain a different perspective.

Experience different tracks

Find yourself at the edge of your comfort zone– and on the cutting edge of all things digital.

At Optimizely, “experimentation” is the name of the game, so what better time to experiment than at our annual conference? Find a track you might not normally attend and commit to it. Are you a product expert? Experiment a bit and become an Innovation expert with “The science of testing right”. Do you excel at Decision Making? Give the Developer track a try and discover “The path to upgrading”. Digital innovation has never been about playing it safe, so we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Our advice: pick a track that you aren’t familiar with and make it a part of your agenda.

Have fun with digital

See what catches your eye across different conference tracks and sessions.

While Opticon is your key to gaining the latest insights into the evolving state of digital, it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Have fun with it; if you aren’t going in with a master plan to focus on a particular track, we encourage you to mix it up and attend a little of everything to ensure you walk away with more knowledge and understanding of your peers than you arrived with.

No matter how you craft your agenda, you can’t go wrong. With Opticon just over a month away, get started on your agenda soon. We can’t wait to see you in San Diego!