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Three years ago, we launched Experiment Engine with the aim to help teams Always Be Testing. Making continuous experimentation easy has been the singular focus of our team, and we’ve been lucky over the past few years to help some of the best brands in the world scale their testing programs.

With that mission still very much in place, I’m thrilled to announce that Optimizely, the world’s leading experimentation platform, has acquired Experiment Engine. In partnership with the Optimizely team, we believe that we can dramatically improve the experience of running experimentation programs at scale–especially for the enterprise.

We’ve worked with Optimizely as a technology partner since the beginning of Experiment Engine and helped many Optimizely customers manage, resource, and report on their testing programs. As a (very!) early adopter of their open developer platform, we have tons of experience building for the Optimizely ecosystem. With a shared vision, greater resources, and a deeper integration, I know we’re on a path to build an essential and complete suite of solutions for experimentation programs.

This wouldn’t be possible without the very hard work of our team–and I’m happy to say we’re all becoming full-time Optinauts starting today. To them, I extend my most sincere gratitude for the hard work, dedication, and humor that has carried us all through this crazy journey.

To our investors, advisors, Techstars, and the Austin startup community: thanks again, y’all. Your early bets put us on the path to where we are today.

Finally, to our amazing, brilliant, loyal customers (especially those of you that have been with us for all three years!) THANK YOU. Without you, we’d have never learned how to build the best tools for the best testing teams. We owe all our success to helping you achieve yours!

This is just the end of the beginning for Experiment Engine, and I look forward to sharing more very, very soon.

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