In the fast-paced world of marketing, time and brand consistency are two crucial elements for success. Productively addressing these aspects, brand templates emerge as a formidable tool for marketers, and are now available in Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform (CMP)!

How Brand Templates work in Optimizely's CMP

Designers can now create and store brand templates in the newly-available Templates tab, accessible in the Library module of the CMP.

Designers can build the templates directly in the editor, and lock specific elements so only certain components can be edited by other users. Marketers can select a template in the Library, customize the editable elements, and either download or bring them into a Task for approval and/or downstream publishing.

Giving (brand-approved) autonomy to marketers

Brand templates serve as blueprints, providing pre-designed layouts that expedite content creation while ensuring consistent branding. They allow marketers (and even the not-so-design-savvy), to create assets with a unified visual identity, without needing in-depth support from their creative team.

Needing new creative assets can add a week or more to content turnaround, which makes it difficult for marketers to be agile and increase the speed of campaign execution. Using pre-approved brand templates significantly reduces content creation time with basic design elements already in place, so marketers can simply tweak the editable parts of the template.

Brand templates are not just accelerants for creating marketing collateral, but they also reinforce brand uniformity across all platforms. Through increased efficiency and consistent branding, marketers can create better content and campaigns faster than ever.

Interested in saving time with Brand Templates? Reach out to your account manager to learn more or request a demo of Optimizely Content Marketing Platform.

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