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We are excited to announce today that we have acquired Experiment Engine! Experiment Engine offers tools and services that help teams manage their experimentation programs. Together with Experiment Engine’s tools for experimentation project management, reporting, and program oversight, Optimizely will now be even more powerful for enterprise companies to run experiments, share information and innovate faster than ever before.


Last year we introduced Optimizely X, the world’s first experimentation platform, to empower businesses everywhere to experiment across every team and every touchpoint. The response has been amazing with customers of all sizes and across all verticals using the Optimizely X platform to experiment. This has enabled them to deliver better experiences to their customers while improving their key performance indicators.

Optimizely X was designed with enterprises in mind. Businesses can use Optimizely’s shared platform to more easily manage their experimentation programs and share learnings across teams and functions. Some of the most innovative companies are creating Centers of Excellence for Experimentation. Customers such as ABC, Atlassian, eBay, FOX, IBM, and The New York Times already use Optimizely to deliver great customer experiences and improve their key performance indicators.

Many of our enterprise customers have truly embraced a culture of experimentation and now have hundreds of people using Optimizely’s tools to run experiments to improve customer experiences. As more and more people in these organizations become empowered to experiment, we are seeing a need for tools that help companies coordinate and project manage their experimentation programs from hypothesis ideation to overall program oversight and reporting.

Experiment Engine focuses on the critical processes that organizations require throughout their experimentation process. These include:

  • Project management: Enables the entire team to track the progress of experiments, from hypothesis generation to implementation and analysis, in one central place.
  • Reporting and analysis: Individuals can view results across experiments and export results for sharing, enabling quick analysis to understand what’s working and what should change.
  • Program oversight: Executive dashboard tracks the health of your experimentation program by reporting on metrics like experiment velocity and win rate.
  • Ideation and prioritization: Helps teams more easily capture experiment hypotheses and determine which experiments should be prioritized on the roadmap.

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As an Optimizely technology partner, Experiment Engine built its solution on top of Optimizely’s open developer platform. Optimizely and Experiment Engine share multiple customers who have realized the benefits of making experimentation more successful through these two platforms.

We are also thrilled to be welcoming the Experiment Engine team to Optimizely. The entire team will be joining Optimizely and Claire Vo, Experiment Engine’s CEO and Founder, will continue to manage the product through the integration.

We plan to integrate Experiment Engine’s solutions into our offerings later this year. Stay tuned for more updates!