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Our first event featured customer data specialists Segment, who demonstrated five essential ways to create the ultimate customer experience using the powerful combination of Segment and Optimizely. 

Here are five ways to make us even better together:  

1. Access clean, reliable data 

Segment is a Customer Data Platform that connects, cleans, and organizes reliable customer data. By using Segment and Optimizely together, your teams can create experimentation audiences, develop truly personalized experiences that increase conversion, and run quality experiments that accelerate growth. Add in an advanced analytics tool like Amplitude and you make it easy to measure the CTAs (or any A/B tests for that matter) that result in more conversions and better business outcomes.

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2. Choose the right metrics

It’s a bit of a cliché, but yes – you want to target the right audience at the right time. That starts with data collection and identifying the attributes and metrics required to build out a successful experimentation strategy. 

Segment Connections allows teams to track experimentation data and KPIs from both Optimizely Web and Optimizely Full Stack. Segment collects clickstream data, identities, and events from your mobile apps, websites, and servers – all with a single API. From there you can quickly pull in contextual data from cloud apps like your CRM, payment systems, or A/B testing with Optimizely.

3. Gain actionable insight

Once you’ve found a winning experiment, you’ll naturally want to make it actionable across entire accounts or look-a-like audiences. Segment Personas intelligently merges customer data from all web, mobile, and warehouse sources into complete user or account-level profiles. This focused view of audience groups provides you with a better understanding of user behavior, supercharging your experimentation program with insight-driven testing.  


  • Conversion research + methodology = better test ideas.
  • Better test ideas = increased win rate.
  • Better QA = increased win rate.

4. Tailor landing pages to visitor interests

Most of your prospects and customers expect personalized experiences. Centralized customer data lets you use Optimizely to test how your messaging and experiences resonate with specific audiences. You can then continually refine and make them even more relevant and impactful. 

Using Segment Personas, you can then take learnings from your winning experiments to create audiences that share traits such as purchase behavior or demographics, or custom events that lead to conversion. 

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For example, let’s say you want to find which of your personas are the biggest spenders. Simply use Segment’s drag-and-drop interface to calculate average basket sizes. 

Or why not use this data to highlight the products that appeal to each customer’s budget? Segment’s Computed Traits allows you to calculate the average checkout value of each customer’s purchase history.

Once you’ve created your audiences, you can then create as many new landing pages or dynamic page tweaks as needed.

Optimizely lets you redirect users to these personalized product pages, while native integration with Segment means that tracked user events will be automatically shared with Optimizely.

Additionally, all the data you harness from Optimizely experiments are automatically reported back to Segment and can also be shared with third-party growth and analytics tools. Source

5. Build smarter campaigns

As a leader in Gartner’s Peer Insights, Optimizely + Segment make it easy to scale up the number of personalized customer experiences you offer. 

Bring cross-platform CRM and behavior data into Optimizely to create personalized user journeys. Deliver more targeted messaging, personalized offers, and recommended content to your users.  Or use first-party data trigger tailored messages to any of your digital customer touchpoints with Segment Personas. The possibilities are endless. More on using Segment Personas with Optimizely Web here, and to create omnichannel experiments with Optimizely Full Stack here

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Optimizely x Segment: At a Glance

  • Activate your experimentation results in over 300+ Segment-integrated platforms.
  • Integrate Optimizely data in every aspect of your organization’s decision-making tools using a single, seamless integration.
  • Make decisions confidently with standardized data collection and cleaning using Segment Protocols. 

Together, Optimizely and Segment make it possible to harness the full power of data. See how this can accelerate your growth in our first Digital Labs event with Segment, Zoopla & ClassPass. Click here to access the recording.