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These funds, and partnership with Accenture Interactive, allows us to continue our leadership position in digital experimentation. It also brings the total funding for the company to $200 million with Michael Kondeleon of Goldman Sachs joining Optimizely’s Board as a Board Member. 

The Tipping Point is Here

This investment signifies a tipping point in the digital experience platform economy, which is launching into the mainstream.

The funding allows us to grow at a rate we’re seeing with our own customers. In the last four years, we have seen a 200% increase in the number of companies with 10 or more people experimenting and we are looking to grow as quickly as they are scaling their experimentation programs and teams.

As there is an ever increasing number of digitally native consumers, ‘good enough’ is no longer a viable digital strategy. To be digitally competitive today, a prerequisite for business success, companies are investing their resources and dollars in both experimentation and personalization. The funding allows us to continue to invest in our platform, our machine learning capabilities and our ability to support the developer community with new offerings such as Optimizely Rollouts.

Matty Wishnow, managing director of experience design & optimization at Accenture Interactive, has been working with us for many years and cogently sums up why he is bullish about continuing to work together and the value Optimizely provides: “Continuous experimentation is the quickest, most confident path to better customer experiences and returns on investment. Optimizely has the premier platform in the market, and we’re proud to be teaming up with them to deliver game-changing value to our customers.”