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I had the opportunity to sit down with Enterprise Account Executive, Jason Cohen, who exemplifies our core value of passion, especially when it comes to the values of our customers. Cohen, shares his story of taking a day out of the office to volunteer at Open Hand Atlanta with our friends at Cox Automotive. 

Cheyenne: How did the idea come about to do a joint volunteering event with Optimizely and Cox Automotive?

Jason: Frances Reyes, Sr. Director of Product Analytics at Cox Automotive and I were catching up and started having a conversation around what causes matter to us personally, and things that we do outside of work. Then, we started to discuss causes our companies supported. It was actually Frances’ idea, and Cox Automotive has previously volunteered with Open Hand Atlanta. Once we discussed it with the larger teams at Cox Automotive and Optimizely, it was an easy yes from everyone to spend the day with Open Hand.

Cheyenne: Can you tell me more about Open Hand Atlanta and what you spent the day doing?

Jason: Open Hand Atlanta is an organization that cooks and delivers meals to individuals who have illnesses or disabilities that prevent them from getting their own warm meals. We spent the morning in an assembly type line working together to prepare and package nutritious meals.

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Optimizely and Cox Automotive after volunteering at Open Hand Atlanta

Cheyenne: How do opportunities like this impact your relationship with customers?

Jason: Being able to do anything outside of work that both we and our customers mutually care about takes our relationship to a much deeper level. We’re able to get to know the people we’re working with much more personally and it’s always rewarding to be able to give back, especially when it’s with a customer. I also really enjoy when our companies have common values, and I’d like to think Cox Automotive appreciates us as a partner even more.

Cheyenne: As a remote employee, how do these events keep you close to Optimizely and our values?

Jason: When possible, I love to go to NY to participate in Impact Week. However, I can’t make it to every event. With that being said, and in this particular case, I’m extremely grateful for my teammates — Steve Lewis, David Jones, Adam Szakacs, and Cooper Reid, who came out to Atlanta to participate in the event with me.

I would encourage anyone at any company to do events like this with their best customers. It’s simple, rewarding, and helps to strengthen the relationships with your customers. Plus, it’s fun!