Introducing Test & Learn: The Product Experimentation Virtual Event

As every company becomes a software company, engineers and product managers find themselves at the center of a paradigm shift in how products are built, launched, and optimized. The most successful companies in the world are adopting a product-led approach to software development—putting engineers and product managers in charge of delivering on business outcomes.

Innovative product and development teams have adopted a core set of practices that are summed up by the mindset of “test and learn”. These teams adopt techniques like agile, devops, and continuous delivery to accelerate development cycles. Product managers use data to make quick decisions about the best experience for customers. And developers, data scientists, designers, and PMs collaborate more effectively by integrating best in breed technology solutions to support the entire product development lifecycle.

As a result of adopting the test and learn mindset in their product teams, companies like Netflix, Booking.com, Amazon, and Google are dominating their industries. How do these teams operate? What are their secrets to testing and learning at scale? And how can you implement these best practices in your own product development process to deliver better experiences for your customers?

In our first ever Test & Learn virtual event, we will explore these questions and more, at the intersection of agile software development and experimentation. The event is a free, virtual master class in experimentation, designed for product managers, engineers, designers, and data scientists who want to bring an insights-driven mindset to product development.

We’re bringing together top speakers from industry-leading companies to share what they’ve learned building and testing products at scale. Nir Eyal, best-selling author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Products,” will be joining us as a keynote speaker, to share his insights into building products customers love.

We’ll be announcing the rest of the agenda soon. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect to learn from our expert speakers by joining us for the event:

  • Grow your product: Learn how the most successful product teams in the world design, develop, launch, and grow digital products that drive business growth by implementing an experiment-driven product lifecycle.
  • Go beyond Agile: Understand how engineering teams can embrace techniques like experimentation and feature flagging to go beyond Agile and support continuous delivery.
  • Optimize for Outcomes: Customer-focused teams optimize for outcomes, not outputs. Learn how to choose the right metrics to drive engagement, retention, and other behaviors that benefit both your customers and your business.

Join us for all this and more on May 22, 2019, from 8:30AM-1:30PM Pacific Time. Register today to get updates on when we announce new speakers, and to join us for the event!