Bridging The Experimentation Gap

Whether you are at the beginning of your digital experimentation journey or are already running frequent Feature Experimentation tests, every Product Engineering and Marketing team eventually hits it: The dreaded Experimentation Gap. 

The ‘Experimentation Gap’ is the divide that exists between companies that run 1-20 experiments per month, and those that run more than 100 per month. This divide separates organizations from digital excellence that tangibly increases engagement, revenue, and customer satisfaction.  

It is the difference between digital teams that perform ‘random acts of experimentation’, and those that enjoy a scaled culture of testing with high ROI. 

In this 35-minute livestream, Griffin Cox and Hazjier Pourkhalkhali from Optimizely, will share: 

  • WHY increasing experiments is critical 
  • HOW to cross the Experimentation Gap 
  • EXAMPLES of best-in-class experimentation  

Optimizely has run over 1 Million Digital Experiments for over 9,000 major B2B and B2C brands. This is your chance to learn from and consult our company’s leading Experimentation experts.

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