Caliber Home Loans is among the top 10 highest-volume mortgage lenders in America. They wanted to replace their legacy Content Management system (CMS) with a modern CMS which could track and generate more leads.

After evaluating various CMS players, they proceeded with the development as the out of box features in Optimizely suited the requirement specific to CHL including, personalization through visitor groups, custom redirection, Optimizely Search and Navigation etc. The view was to redesign the Caliber Home Loans website using Optimizely Content Cloud with key features like Personalization, User Journey Tracking, multisite support other software tools Optimizely deliver at grand scale.

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It was key that the new Content Management System had the ability to platform personalized content based on each visitors user experience and individual journey. On the editor side, it had to enable easier content editing and publish workflow. From a commercial perspective, the new digital environment would increase leads from site visits and minimize the number of steps for a prospect to become a customer.

Caliber Home Loans corporate website needed a platform which could easily identify customer intent and provide personalized content. After evaluating various CMS like Umbraco, Sitecore and Optimizely before proceeding with the development as the out of box features in Optimizely suit the requirement specific to CHL like personalization through visitor group, custom redirection, Optimizely Find etc.

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The Marketing and IT teams of Caliber Home Loans decided to replace their existing legacy CMS with a new, best-in-class CMS.
After CMS requirements were revisited and based on the CMS Requirements and Caliber Home Loans’s current IT infrastructure, Optimizely Content Cloud was proposed as the go-to CMS platform.

Other CMS platforms were observed but Optimizely was seen as the perfect all-inclusive platform of choice and was backed by the ability to support efficient upgrades along with a strong content framework and innovative search and personalization tools. The key points why Content Cloud was chosen over the other CMS are:

• Offers superior hosting and scalability.
• Personalization capabilities are AI-driven.
• Easily integrates with Caliber Home Loans’s existing solutions.
• Offers a higher rate of return-on-investment (ROI).


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