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Cross-channel excellence

How to optimize web and mobile experiences through experimentation

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The ubiquity of mobile devices has become a double-edged sword for both B2B & B2C businesses. Mobile presents new opportunities by allowing customers and prospects to reach a website from anywhere, anytime, whilst also creating new challenges for design, development, and testing teams.  

Nevertheless, mobile is now the preferred way of accessing the internet - which means businesses need to optimize their digital experiences across both web and mobile to deliver cross-channel excellence, drive engagement and increase revenues.  

Watch now on-demand Optimizely’s Jeff Cheal (AVP, Customer Strategy) and special guest Andrew Cornwall (Senior Analyst, Mobile Development at Forrester), as they discuss: 

  • Latest trends in web and mobile unification 
  • Best-in-class web and mobile cross-channel experiences 
  • How to successfully experiment across web and mobile 


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Andrew Cornwall

Senior Analyst, Mobile Technologies, Forrester