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Becoming data-informed in marketing

Become data-informed

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Today’s marketers play a vital role connecting consumers to the brand - by regularly monitoring and analyzing changes in customer behavior and expectations to deliver real-time marketing campaigns.

The key to all of this is data: However, marketers face many challenges in identifying the right data to inform their decisions and accessing it in a timely fashion. The result is that many are forced (or even prefer) to use their own instincts to make marketing decisions - than having to overcome these challenges.

In May 2021, Optimizely commissioned a survey of senior marketing leaders in tech, retail, financial services and manufacturing & distribution to find out how far they are in their journey of moving from instinct to insight.

Access the report now to find out:

  • Which data sources marketers are using to drive customer-centric initiatives
  • The challenges marketers face in accessing accurate real-time data
  • Where marketers are intending to invest their data budgets in 2021