Headless vs. traditional: Discover the best CMS for your organization

As the digital landscape continues to reach new heights, so does the demand for a modern, agile, and consistent method of distributing content across a myriad of devices. A headless CMS has powerful and seamless omnichannel capabilities that can reach key audiences, wherever they are. 

Headless offers innovative features, such as a future-proof delivery architecture, personalization to improve user experiences, and a scalable infrastructure that deploys instantly. If you’re currently using a traditional CMS, it would be worth evaluating if a headless approach can help meet your objectives.

In this on-demand webinar, CMS expert at Optimizely, Simon Chapman, provides an overview of CMS solutions and explains how to assess if headless is the right choice for your organization.


  • Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of different CMS approaches
  • Determine if headless aligns with your business needs
  • Gain valuable insights from our Q&A session