The powerhouse of the North create a consumer and business platform, on a single digital ecosystem

One of Finland’s largest energy companies, Helen OY operate core business activities across energy production, district heating and cooling, solar power systems, and energy distribution. With growing awareness of climate change, coupled with entering new markets, they shared how they are using their portfolio of digital tools to overcome challenges and create a more engaging customer experience.

The Northern Europe energy giant publish new services based on business needs on the Optimizely Content Cloud. They use the best-in-class CMS to quickly create new pages with advanced features for personalization and Marketing Automation to further increase engagement with business and consumer customers.

New business areas such as, ‘solar solutions’ requires new, differentiated digital solutions to address new market needs and expectations. This forms the ever-evolving requirements from Helen OY who need a robust, yet scalable digital infrastructure to support their 500,000 customers.

Although we are using a lot of Optimizely products, the main product is probably now the CMS and the Marketing Automation, but for example, with the CMS we have something like 30 integrations in our other systems. So it seems like a website, but we have managed to do a lot of integrations in some interesting products. For example, we can show how some solar power plants produce in real time.

Jani Laine
Helen OY

The Optimizely ecosystem

What does success look like to a rapidly growing energy firm? It’s a combination of more customers on the site, higher conversion rates, and a fluid user experience. To make this a reality, Helen OY combine the power of Optimizely Content Cloud with Optimizely Marketing Automation to deliver a sustained engagement with customers, whether corporate accounts or consumer. Optimizely's capabilities allow Helen to create content fast and easily and has enabled new ways of marketing.

Responding to a climate-aware audience through digital

Optimizely supports organizations to compete digitally by providing customer-centric experiences and that’s what plays to Helen’s advantage. The Finnish team strive to develop new solutions for increasingly cleaner energy production and sustainable consumption, with a focus on the environment, customer experience, financial responsibility, and communication. With these key values, it’s clear that in order to achieve further growth, the customer must be at the heart of all operations.

Helen have established new business units for customer experience and have started to implement customer experience processes based around the Optimizely platform. This includes personalization, part of the Content Cloud. Visitor groups are employed to create customer segmentation, enabling Helen to learn more about online behavior. Another personalization piece revolves around A/B testing. Tracking enhances personalized content creation even further. Helen deploy intelligent tactics to create better experiences for differing customers with varying needs. For example, new customers can order electricity or energy contracts from the site, without registration or login required.

A changing landscape

A new breed of ‘GreenTech’ products and services are playing a more important role all the time within the energy industry. Helen are responding by allowing customers to get more data from their Helen services (reports, API) to understand and maintain their own energy use. This boosts customer self reliance in operating their energy account and leads to customers getting a better sense of their environmental impact.

By leveraging Optimizely Content Cloud and Optimizely Marketing Automation, Helen enjoy a fast, straight-forward production deployment with SEO optimization and stronger conversion rates. This is wrapped up with multiple integrations to more than 30 systems. Analytics, profiling of users to name but a few, help create a digital ecosystem that is scalable on Optimizely’s Cloud.

Handling peaks in energy usage

Even though Helen have the one, central site, they are winning the battle to serve all customers. From the look and feel point of view, it's quite consumer-focussed. The team often see the heaviest traffic volumes between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM on weekdays. This suggests customers are opting to check their energy accounts whilst at work, an interesting takeaway for the team.


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