Leading furniture retailer, Living Spaces operate over 20 stores in the US covering California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. Known for their stylish décor and build quality, they inspire great home design for American consumers nationwide. With the advent of modern digital commerce customer habits emerging in the home goods and furniture industry, Living Spaces were keen to take advantage of this behavioral shift early.

Living Spaces had been selling via their digital online store for over 10 years, achieving considerable annual online revenue growth. In order to maintain growth and ahead of industry movements the decision was made to move away from their homegrown ecommerce platform. Their criteria for transitioning included; allowing internal marketers and merchandisers the ability to manage content easily, without having to involve IT, better mobile capabilities and overall more infrastructure stability.

Project objectives

  • Adopt a mobile first approach to digital experience
  • Remove Marketing's reliance on IT to make changes and updates to the site
  • Increase KPIs and metrics like AOV, conversion rate, and decrease bounce rates
  • Create a more customer and content-centric experience for customers

Living Spaces required a platform that would enable them to take advantage of more modern retail features to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Solution & outcome

After a custom demonstration, Living Spaces carried out a detailed evaluation selecting Optimizely as their digital commerce platform for the future. Luminos Labs, an Optimizely Premium Partner, were chosen to build the new digital experience.

The flexibility and straight-forwardness of our end-user interface, stable back-end and inherent mobile first approach coupled with Luminos’ deep digital commerce experience handed Living Spaces all they needed to embark upon a digital transformation that was focused on driving results.

Living Spaces understood working with Optimizely and Luminos Labs on their digital transformation would empower their internal teams:

  • Better flexibility to control content on their site
  • Stronger engagement strategies of users across non-linear purchase journeys
  • Faster marketing automations.

A robust, flexible integration framework was built gifting Living Spaces room to grow their digital footprint with straight-forward, API-based platform integration.

Working side-by-side on this project with their Partner, Living Spaces were able to handle day-to-day operations of the site post-launch. In total, the new digital environment took six months to build and come to fruition.

Living Spaces have enjoyed successful results so far with increases in average order value, conversion rate, and net new users. Since launch, the retailer has been focused on adding more and more features into their site including Curated Collections, Ratings & Reviews, enabling more content focused purchase journeys and more.



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