re:member offers lending products such as credit cards, consumer loans and refinancing. EnterCard Group AB is behind the brand re:member. EnterCard Group AB is one of Scandinavia's leading credit market companies with nearly 2 million customers in three markets: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. EnterCard is a joint venture between Swedbank and Barclays Principal Investments Limited. Their aim: To make their customer’s everyday lives easier by offering smart and responsible payments and financial solutions.

Providing financial products to a B2C channel, re:member approach banking with a personalized strategy that truly benefits consumer lifestyles. One of the lures of their credit card is, as a customer, you get access to re:member reward, which is a benefit & loyalty program where you get online discounts on various shops. Customers log in through the website, and shop as you usually do online, you receive a discount on your next invoice.

To actively be a part of their customers everyday activities, it was important they adopted a mobile-first approach as a digital gateway for online shopping. One of the main reasons they selected Optimizely at first, was to ensure they had responsive websites for each of their regions. However, Optimizely also offered an intuitive mobile experience. When customers use their mobile phone to commence shopping, re:member wanted to create a seamless experience, just like on desktop. No matter how customers access re:member’s digital offering, they strive to ensure customers have the same possibilities regardless of device type.

Employing a pragmatic customer approach, re:member proactively analyse where customers derive from and what content visitors engage with most. They are continuously optimizing their digital offering to make sure visitors land in the right place and interact with relevant content.

The digital engagement platform identifies visitors based on what product they have, how they landed on the page (for example via an ad) and previous interactions. If a customer is after a consumer loan, they are presented the benefits of that specific product, and when they get back to the front page they are reminded what the benefits are and how they can use them.

‘’We analyze the sources and the content you see and use for an optimized experience on the website. That's the vision, to make it so that every visitor is served relevant content based on their needs and their behavior.''
Steffen Quistgaard, Web Specialist re:member, EnterCard


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In regards to the UI and user friendliness, I've used several CMS, and I'd say from my perspective, Episerver [now Optimizely] is not difficult to use. I think it's logical. I think the overall experience for me, using it for almost five years now, I'd say it has only gotten better with time. And there's definitely no hurdles for us in using it everyday.

Steffen Quistgaard
Web Specialist, re: member

Unique to other financial lenders is re:member’s willingness to be as transparent and as helpful as possible to ensure customers receive the best suited product for their needs. Episerver Content Cloud is purpose-built for this application. Out-of-box personalization means more relevant information for visitors. With the websites primarily focused on prospects and new visitors, re:member have an app, which is focused on existing customers.

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When it comes to measuring, re:member can highlight specific product features for customers and compare the performance of non-personalized verses personalized outcomes to see the number of visitors who opted to engage. This is extremely useful in the financial world where there are a lot of terms, phrases and wording difficult for typical consumers to understand. re:member use language that is simple and open, making it easy to understand and to find all the information a customer would need.

For the digital web team, situated across Scandinavia, it is essential they have a reliable CMS to create the digital experiences millions depend on for their everyday activities. re:member note Optimizely’s user-friendliness and ease-of-use.



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