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  • Significant Reduction in Administrative Load: By leveraging Optimizely's CMS, Stena Fastigheter has reduced phone calls to their customer service center by more than 50% and handles approximately 80% of their errands digitally. This shift has significantly decreased administrative tasks, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Communication and Interaction: Stena Fastigheter utilizes Optimizely's CMS to improve communication and interaction with their diverse customer base. The platform allows them to provide the right information at the right time, ensuring a smooth digital customer experience and reducing administrative burdens for their employees.
  • Centralized Customer Portal: The creation of "My Pages," a centralized customer portal, has streamlined customer service interactions. Customers can access all necessary information and support without needing multiple contact points, reinforcing Stena Fastigheter’s image as a modern and innovative company.


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