The Parliament of Victoria, in the Australian state of Victoria, is made up of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly. The Assembly has 88 members and the council has 40 members that meet at Parliament House in the state capital of Melbourne. The Parliament follows a Westminster-derived Parliamentary system consisting of the Queen, represented by the Governor of Victoria, the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.

The Parliament of Victoria wanted to build a new website to share valuable content and information that would be of interest to Victoria’s residents. Historically its site was heavily focused on deeply factual information, but the Parliament wanted to attract a wider audience with new content that catered to everyone. The content on the new site needed to speak directly to the community in a language that’s both understandable and informative and be relevant to their everyday lives.

The Parliament chose Optimizely and its Content Cloud Solution for the new site. Media and content management was an integral part of the objective so having the ability to control content and its relevance was essential. The other essential element was to control the flow of content and manage workflows in a way that empowered its team. All of this was possible using the content cloud functionality.

Optimizely’s Content Cloud Solution helped the Parliament create a user-centric, audience-first website that promotes engagement. The site delivers targeted content by understanding the topics users and looking for and gives users the opportunity to search via terms and topics rather than having to wade through complicated Government terminology that previously may not have resulted in delivering the right information for them.

The team are constantly refreshing their content to meet the needs of uses. Its future goals are to gain an even deeper understanding of what the public want and need to access and making the experience as seamless and user friendly as possible for them.


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