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  • 500 Active Users Globally: Xerox's global marketing teams, product owners, content approvers, and all collaborating external agencies and freelancers are leveraging Optimizely’s Content Marketing Platform to push the boundaries of digital content creation and distribution
  • Significant Cost Efficiency: The adoption of standardized workflows, improved brand governance, and increased content visibility with Optimizely’s platform has led to a notable reduction in content expenditure. This efficiency gain contributes directly to faster product and campaign launches, reinforcing Xerox’s commitment to innovation and agile market responses.
  • Streamlined Operations: Xerox employs 30 standardized execution and planning workflows and 13 work-request flows, serving four major lines of business. These flows integrate seamlessly into diverse marketing processes such as Advertising, social media, Events, and Product Marketing. This systemic organization ensures that all tasks are clear and manageable, enhancing the quality of content delivered to clients and ensuring alignment with strategic business goals.  


With a rich history spanning over 100 years, Xerox has continually redefined the workplace experience by providing innovative technology that drives productivity for its clients. Originally known for its leadership in office and production print technology, Xerox has evolved into a comprehensive provider of software and services, catering to the needs of the hybrid workplace and providing clients with the solutions needed to navigate their ongoing digital transformation. Embracing a client-centric approach, Xerox remains committed to innovation, delivering digitally driven technology solutions to address the demands of today's global and distributed workforce.

From traditional office settings to industrial environments, Xerox offers a diverse range of business and technology solutions, complemented by financial services, to drive success for its clients.  As Xerox continues its Reinvention, it builds on its solid core business with IT and Digital Services to drive client and partner success. This expertise is also being used to create AI-powered solutions that enhance productivity, improve decision-making, and drive innovation across industries to empower its clients and partners, ensuring that it remains a key player in fueling the workplaces of tomorrow.

To effectively communicate its transformed brand and array of offerings, Xerox recognized the need for a robust digital platform capable of delivering engaging, relevant content to a global audience. The aim was to streamline content creation and management processes that involved multiple teams and stakeholders across different regions and languages.

Previously utilizing Optimizely’s cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) for its SMART Centre sales enablement platform, Xerox was poised to elevate its content strategy. With an organization-wide emphasis on high-quality content creation, enhanced content syndication, and improved workflow management, Xerox opted for Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform (CMP). This strategic choice provided the robust, scalable solution needed to tackle Xerox’s complex content challenges, ensuring consistent and impactful communication across all channels.

Xerox’ Journey with Optimizely's Orchestrate Platform: From CMS to CMP

Xerox, a long-time partner of Optimizely, upgraded its SMART Centre website from an on-premises Ektron CMS to Optimizely's cloud-based solution in 2017. This transition aimed to streamline operations and enhance user experience. The move led to reduced server costs, faster load times, and increased site availability. The cloud-based platform also enabled greater functionality, transforming the website into a dynamic platform with enhanced views and calls to action.

In 2019, Xerox embarked on a bigger and more ambitious transformation initiative in its global marketing operation with a focus on standardisation and utilising technology to help create more high-quality 'client centric' content and effectively get it into the hands of sales teams through digital first enablement platforms. As Rickin Hindocha, Content Operations & Technology (Global Marketing Services) at Xerox explained, Xerox faced the challenge of centralizing marketing efforts from dispersed regional ownership whilst also consolidating multiple agencies and establishing an in-house production hub to reduce costs across the entire global marketing operation.

To address this, Xerox integrated in-house and agency resources teams into its workflow, which required a robust Content Marketing Platform (CMP). This platform would streamline collaboration, communication, and workflow management across teams globally.

To achieve seamless integration of in-house and external agency resources, Xerox required a robust Content Marketing Platform (CMP) that would enhance global collaboration, communication, and workflow management. After a thorough evaluation, Xerox chose Optimizely's CMP (formerly NewsCred and Welcome) for its comprehensive capabilities and potential for seamless integration with existing digital tools. The decision was strongly supported by the solid relationship with Optimizely’s senior leadership and the alignment of Optimizely’s global presence with Xerox’s corporate locations, ensuring effective implementation and ongoing collaboration across teams. Xerox’ experience multitude of benefits with Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform

Xerox’ Experiences a Multitude of Benefits with Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform

Since implementing Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform, Xerox has realized substantial benefits across its global marketing operations. The platform's centralization capability has transformed how teams collaborate and communicate, moving from a fragmented system of ad hoc emails and workflows to a unified, efficient environment. This shift has greatly improved visibility and management of priorities, standardizing processes across the organization.

The user-friendly interface of the CMP enhances interaction, allowing for easy annotation and editing of assets. This feature, coupled with the platform's scalability—supporting around 500 active users including Xerox’s internal and external teams—enables effective collaboration even among geographically dispersed teams.

Additionally, the platform has driven significant cost savings and operational efficiencies by centralizing content creation and asset management. This consolidation has not only streamlined processes but also maximized the reuse of assets, leading to reduced content costs and a higher return on investment, highlighting the platform's role in optimizing Xerox's marketing strategies.

We have over 500 active users in the system, ranging from stakeholders to creators to approvers and activation platform owners. This encompasses all our creative agencies and our Xerox’ in-house creative team, which is a key aspect of our content execution workflow. Optimizely’s CMP sits at the heart of our collaboration, bridging the gap between teams in United States, Europe, Latin America and India. It enables seamless interaction, brand governance and enhances our in-house process.

Rickin Hindocha
Content Operations & Technology (Global Marketing Services)

Use Case 1 – Work Requests

Xerox utilizes Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform to seamlessly manage work requests. Within its workflow system, they have meticulously organized 13 distinct work request flows, each tailored to specific teams within the company. These teams cover a range of functions, from video production to digital marketing, advertising and external agencies, as well as specialized areas like channel partner marketing.

The intricate setup ensures that whenever a task is created—whether it's generating general content, launching an advertising campaign, or requesting an image crop from an email automation service —the request is automatically routed to the appropriate team. This not only expedites the process but also ensures that tasks are directed to individuals best equipped to handle them, optimizing efficiency and resource allocation.

Screenshot of Xerox's Content Marketing Platform task page

Xerox's Task Workflows

Previously, managing work requests was a fragmented and potentially chaotic process, often reliant on inefficient communication methods like email or outdated forms. By leveraging Optimizely's platform, Xerox has centralized and streamlined their work request management, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual interventions. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall quality and consistency of work output across different departments.

Furthermore, the system provides transparency and accountability, as each request is tracked within the platform, allowing stakeholders to monitor progress and ensure timely completion. Additionally, the platform's flexibility allows for customization of workflows to suit evolving needs, ensuring that Xerox can adapt to changing priorities and requirements with ease.

graphical user interface, application, Teams

Xerox's Work Requests Workflows

Use Case 2 – Campaigns

Xerox employs Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform to manage their campaigns effectively, demonstrating a highly organized and streamlined approach. All campaigns are meticulously organized within the CMP, providing a centralized hub for all related activities. For instance, within a campaign titled "Capture and Content," Xerox coordinates a myriad of activities, such as task creation, presentation updates, and event planning, with a total of 68 distinct activities currently underway.

This organization extends to asset management, as all created assets are neatly bundled under their respective campaigns. This ensures easy access and visibility for team members, allowing them to track progress and access resources efficiently. The system's structured approach not only facilitates current campaign management but also enables future endeavors. Team members can leverage past campaigns as templates, streamlining processes and reducing reliance on external agencies.

A significant advantage of this system is the accessibility of source files. Xerox has implemented a process where all source files, including videos, InDesign files, and PSD files, are uploaded and connected to their respective tasks. This eliminates the need to contact external agencies for file retrieval, saving time and costs associated with such requests. Instead, Xerox’ in-house creative teams can access and utilize these files directly, empowering them to make necessary edits or reuse assets without additional expenses.

graphical user interface, application, Teams

An example higlighting Xerox's 'Capture and Content Services' campaign

Use Case 3 – Approvals

Xerox utilizes Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform to enforce robust approval processes, essential for centralizing content ownership and ensuring brand integrity. Within the platform, strict approval workflows are in place, requiring all content to pass through brand and client centricity checkpoints before release. This stringent system safeguards the strength of the Xerox brand, as all content undergoes thorough brand reviews as an integral part of the workflow.

Conclusion: Xerox and Optimizely’s CMP - A Core Platform for Content Marketing

Xerox continues to use Optimizely's CMP as its core platform for content marketing, and to leverage its features and functionalities to create and deliver high-quality and high-impact content to its clients and prospects.

Xerox is also constantly exploring new ways to improve and enhance its content strategy and execution, Xerox is strategically focused on integrating AI into its marketing operations over the next few years, establishing an AI council to oversee this process. While prioritizing regulatory compliance and careful implementation, Xerox aims to leverage AI to enhance marketing effectiveness with Optimizely as its trusted and reliable vendor.



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