Make Trusted Decisions With Data

Optimizely’s experiment analysis platform serves teams of all types. Whether you’re a marketer or product manager who needs accurate, out-of-the-box experiment results from our Stats Engine, or a data science professional integrating Optimizely data into your analytics stack, we help you make valuable decisions with every experiment.

Make better decisions faster

  • Run experiments faster

    Launch tests faster with no need to commit to a timeline or sample size, increasing your experiment velocity.

  • Safely add metrics and variations

    Add custom metrics and experiment treatments without increasing the risk of false positives.

  • Decide early with real-time results

    Make statistically sound decisions as soon as your results are significant.

  • Accelerate results with machine learning

    Make decisions even faster with Stats Accelerator, using machine learning to find statistical significance faster.

Statistics designed for digital experiments

At the core of Optimizely’s experimentation platform is our Stats Engine: a unique approach that was developed in conjunction with leaders in statistical research at Stanford University. Stats Engine embeds several innovations to deliver out-of-box what every digital experience optimization effort needs—accelerated speed and scale of experimentation while improving the accuracy of results and outcomes.

“Stats Engine has been great, it's given us a lot more confidence in terms of the results we are seeing. Stats Accelerator has been awesome, as far as being able to reach statistical significance a lot faster...our implementation got shortened from three months to four weeks. ”

Built for integration with your data stack

Optimizely gives you full control over experiment data you collect with our platform. Use the Optimizely Results Page for real-time experiment monitoring, or our data APIs and export to integrate optimizely experiments with your data stack.

  • Integrate with your analytics tools

    Optimizely Web supports out-of-the-box integrations with popular analytics products and custom integrations for everything else.

  • Export your experiment data

    Export experiment data with experiment attribution so that you can analyze and join with other datasets.

  • Instrument any system

    Use the embedded Optimizely web client and full stack SDKs to send events from browsers, mobile apps, or backend systems.

  • Incorporate other datasets

    Incorporate processed event data into your experiment results with Optimizely Event API.

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