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Collaborate with team members, create and track work and share assets and collateral between systems in real-time.

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Collaborating across teams shouldn’t be hard

Trying to execute work across independent work management systems can be a challenge—often creating silos and process-heavy practice that introduce bottlenecks, delays and missed opportunities. This is especially true for marketers trying to manage requests and collaborate with digital, creative and other teams toggling across tools.


Why marketers love Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform Jira integration

Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform (CMP) integration with Jira allows marketers to collaborate with their counterparts (in Jira) in real-time by sharing documents, metadata and comments.

When work kicks off in CMP, the integration automatically triggers a task in Jira. The two systems remain synchronized, sharing comments and status updates as work progresses—giving marketers in CMP real-time updates without ever having to leave their CMP workspace.

As a result, marketers are able to collaborate more effectively with cross-functional teams, and accelerate the execution of work that their marketing campaigns depend on.

How Does it Work?

1. Delegate to an external workflow

With this integration, you can now delegate work to external teams using Jira. Simply assign the task to the designated team member and the integration takes over for that step. That Jira assignee is notified about the new issue assigned to them and will be able to locate any metadata or assets assign to the task when they get started.

2. Automatically update tasks managed externally within CMP

Next, while the work begins in Jira, you are notified when any status changes impact the task. You will no longer have to update a spreadsheet or pull up a Jira report. You'll get up-to-the-minute status updates in your workflow steps, enabling you to focus on your campaign and less on "work about work".

3. Collaborate and share with your peers in Jira

Version as well as version history of content created and hosted on CMP can be updated by Jira. Exchange comments on Jira tasks within CMP and vice versa so you can prevent bottlenecks and delays. Tightly couple the review and approval workflows between Jira and CMP.

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Optimizely will store and process your personal data as described in our Privacy Policy. You can opt out at any time.

Optimizely will store and process your personal data as described in our Privacy Policy. You can opt out at any time.