About Mixpanel


Mixpanel is an analytics platform for mobile & web. Along with measuring pageviews, the company helps businesses analyze the actions people take in their applications including everything from uploading a picture, playing a video, sharing a post, and more.


Dynamically inject Mixpanel tags into your Optimizely experiment variations. Segment your Mixpanel reports by variations your users were exposed to.

Key Benefits
  • Connect your experiment results to key business metrics you already track using Mixpanel
  • Streamline your workflow by reviewing experiment results in your familiar Mixpanel dashboard
  • Uncover new insights about your experiment using Mixpanel capabilities

Mixpanel analyzes user behavior to create reports and insights that identify issues with conversion, engagement and retention. Optimizely customers can sync events into Mixpanel to analyze the impact of experiments on product usage.

Mixpanel’s powerful reports help your teams to know their users. Your team can learn which features are popular, who your power users are, and the behaviors tied to long-term retention.

Mixpanel offers the most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use reports to find the root cause of user drop off and grow your business. Mixpanel helps you dive deeper into your retention analysis to understand who retains better, and why. Deeply engaged users find more value in your product and retain better. Mixpanel takes engagement analysis to new dimension so you can analyze depth, breath, and frequency of product usage.


Office locations

  • Austin

  • Barcelona

  • London

  • New York

  • San Francisco

  • Seattle

  • Singapore