Brand-specific data science​

To inject real value into your marketing and customer relationships, predictions must adapt to your brand. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ predictive model, so we analyze your customer data and generate custom models that deliver outsized outcomes. 

Predict customer behavior​

Knowing your customers is about more than simply understanding who they are. Anticipating each customer’s real-time intent provides a clear path to more relevant messaging, and with a direct connection to your campaigns you can transform data into valuable customer engagements.

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New Era
BNY Mellon

Uncover hidden opportunities ​

Knowing what is performing is just the beginning, you need insight into the future. Surface promising opportunities that will lift metrics, increase revenue and allow you the flexibility to delight customers with relevant and personalized experiences. 

With Data Platform, we can understand the conversion and revenue impact of each touchpoint and put the customer, rather than the channel, first.

Jurgen Nebelung​

VP of Ecommerce & Digital​ Tea Forté​

Now, we look at segmentation in a far more comprehensive way due to the technology and data capabilities that Data Platform provides.​

Laur Fiatoa​

Senior Growth Marketing Manager​ Helix Sleep

Other platforms make me dig to try and find something interesting. Data Platform shines a light on exactly what to do next. It’s my own marketing assistant.​

Sam Sudman

Email Marketing Manager​ Mizzen + Main

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