Build how you want.

Build “headlessly” for mass scale and multichannel deployment, integrate individual modules when your requirements change, or use a coupled CMS to ensure maximum speed-to-market with minimal technical support. 

Streamline the checkout process.

Use customizable checkout workflows to tailor your customers’ 
checkout experience with access to more than 200+ payment gateways to make purchasing seamless.

Launch fast.

Segment customers using imported segments or create your own based on location, behavior, and more to personalize content at scale and transform your e-commerce growth.


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Checkout & cart

Delight your customers with a friction-free checkout and cart experience that meets them where they are.

Approval workflows

Manage roles and permissions, use default or custom-built workflows, and rely on notifications, alerts and escalations to ensure each task in the sequence is completed.


Capture real-time or historical behavioral data to create visitor groups and design the most relevant and rewarding experiences.

Search & navigation

Provide visitors with a friction-free discovery experience and automatically build landing pages based on visitor search terms.


Support the configuration of simple or complex promotions, discounts and offers to track performance and attribution.

Order management

Use the tools and visibility you need to easily manage the entire order lifecycle, so that you can give your customers a friction-free experience.

Catalog management

Combine structured product information with rich emotional content in seamlessly managed and updated catalogs.

Content management

Create and target personalized content and commerce experiences for dynamic audience segments.

Media management

Manage the automatic tagging, personalization and deployment of hi-fidelity rich media, including photos and videos.

Project management

Utilize a single interface to track progress, receive notifications, review contents and control localization and translation.


Strike the balance between a global presence and targeted, relevant commerce in new and existing local markets.


Multisite management gives you the tools to deliver different experiences across sites and microsites, while maintaining central operational control.

Headless capabilities

Present products across all your applications, edit content and control the brand experience in one place using coupled, decoupled or headless architecture.

  • Manage content in one place & deliver to multiple channels & devices
  • Easily remove, add, or integrate when your requirements change
  • Freedom of choice to build the architecture that best fits your needs
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End-to-End Content Lifecycle

Publish your web content in the same place where all your content planning & collaboration happens with a seamless integration between Optimizely's CMS and Content Marketing Platform (CMP). 

  • Simplify the content and campaign process with one collaborative workspace
  • Speed up marketing production while maintaining content governance
  • Lower marketing costs by eliminating extra time, tools, and dev help
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Create compelling content experiences. Empower your editors to compose great experiences by creating and combining content assets.

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