Why udate Optimizely Certification exams?

Optimizely is making updates to the current versions of the certification exams to make sure that each covers the necessary knowledge required to be successful in professional roles. The new exams have updated content across all domains and new topics aligned with each product.

The updated exams ensure that the scores a candidate receives validate the skills and knowledge that are required for them to be successful using Optimizely products.

How do I prepare?

You are encouraged to review the exam guides for each of the new Optimizely Certifications.

These guides include information about who should take the exam, the exam content areas, the number of questions and the detailed knowledge areas that will be covered.

Beta exam results

Test takers will not receive a pass or fail notification on the testing screen upon completion of the exam. 

Detailed exam results will be available by the beginning of January 2023 after Optimizely has ensured that the questions on the exams are fair to all candidates.

Optimizely beta certification exams

Coming soon: Feature Experimentation Expert. Stay tuned for more information!

How to take an exam

Learn about the exam process and the technical prerequisites

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Preparations & exam guides

Review exam guides for each of the Optimizely exams to learn what to expect

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