How to Capture Your Customers at the Top of the Funnel

Discover how evolving your website immediately impacts key metrics with Optimizely’s lead strategy consultant, Alek Toumert.

Website metrics, like purchases and form submissions, are top of mind for marketers—but how can you impact those key metrics if users leave as soon as they land on your website?

Join us to learn how to engage visitors the moment they arrive at your site through experimentation.

What you will learn

  • A deeper understanding of which metrics impact your most important north star KPIs

  • Strategies to ensure better engagement with users visiting for the first time

  • How to iterate on up-the-funnel wins for down-the-funnel impact and ROI

Formerly a customer of Optimizely's, Alek led the American Medical Association's Digital Analytics team and Optimization Program. Today at Optimizely he works with enterprise customers to build programs, improve scale, and up-level team testing and personalization methodologies.

Alek Toumert

Lead Strategy Consultant Optimizely


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