How to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs and Optimize Advertising Spend

Discover how you can optimize your advertising spend, boost your ROI, and reduce your CAC with Optimizely’s senior strategy consultant, Brad Yee.

Digital ad spend in the United States is set to grow to $129.3 billion by the end of 2019 (eMarketer). To efficiently use this fortune, marketers must optimize their advertising spend, prove the ROI of their digital programs, and reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Join us on December 12 to discover how agile marketing teams are experimenting at every point of the customer journey to ensure each digital experience is efficiently driving conversions.

What you will learn

  • How to run effective landing page campaigns that boost the ROI of your digital programs

  • Best practices for unlocking the power of symmetric messaging to acquire more leads at no cost

  • What strategies we’ve seen to be successful at reducing CAC and sales support costs


Brad helps leading organizations use data with purpose to drive quantifiable business impact. As an experimentation strategist, he facilitates the transformation of mindsets, drives the cultural shift for product teams, and encourages the replacement of digital guesswork with evidence-based optimization.

Brad Yee

Senior Strategy ConsultantOptimizely


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