How testing & optimization has driven data-led decision making a for a dedicated online-only retailer

A single test with Optimizely provided an 18.1% uplift in orders for Lost My Name
Optimizely case study with Lost My Name
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Lost My Name began its journey in 2012 as a dedicated online-only retailer specializing in personalized children’s books and has since sold over 1 million books.

"One of my biggest challenges was to make sure that everybody was adopting the view and perspective that we need to be testing everything, no matter how beautiful it may look."

Tom Waterfall - Conversion Rate Optimiser at Lost My Name



Lost My Name increased its existing optimization activity in July 2015. The aim was to create the same exceptional and personalized experience achieved in its books for each online visitor. Specifically, Lost My Name wanted to be able to harness the data that would best help move visitors through the funnel, generate higher conversion rates and inform critical decision-making.


Over the last 9 months, Lost My Name has developed and run over 50 unique and on-going A/B tests using Optimizely. One A/B test looked at targeting customers that were considering purchasing personalized books for children whose names only had three or four letters.

Previous feedback and conversion rates had suggested that these customers didn’t see the value for money when purchasing books as they thought the stories would be too short, compared to those purchasing books for children with longer names.

Lost My Name ran a test with Optimizely that involved displaying a message for those purchasing books for shorter names, explaining “short names don't mean short stories, we've added 4 additional pages to your book”. While this particular test had no impact on conversion; a deep dive analysis revealed particular promise for just three-letter names with a very successful A/B test to follow.

This additional test for just three-letter names surfacing the same message resulted in a proof of the initial hypothesis and an uplift in order conversion.

Tom Waterfall, Director of Conversion Rate Optimization, Lost My Name, comments, “Despite no impact on conversion being achieved for the four-letter test, the three-letter test confirmed the initial hypothesis and resulted in 18.1% lift in orders for visitors arriving via Facebook ads. Facebook represents the largest acquisition source for Lost My Name and clearly demonstrates the value that optimization brings to the business.”

Lost My Name A/B Test


What started as an initial trial with Optimizely has turned into company-wide success, Tom explains:

“Optimization is critical at Lost My Name and our strategy is continuing to grow as we learn. To date, 50% of the tests we’ve run have significantly moved the needle in terms of customer conversions and improvements to the overall customer experience.”

“More importantly, we continue to learn from the tests that don’t have a significant impact and that has changed our business mindset. Yes, there have been skeptics along the way, but at this point everyone sees optimization as critical to our business success and has embraced the continual learning it delivers.”

Tom concludes, “Ultimately, what it comes down to is that each customer is really important to us, and we’re passionate about delivering personalized online experiences for each and every one, no matter who they are, or how they arrived on the site. Optimizely really helps us to do that by enabling us to use real-time data to put the customer at the centre of our decision-making process.”

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