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TomTom uses experimentation to drive a 16% increase in conversion


Increase in add-to-cart conversion rate from product details page experiment


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User experience insights inspire tests that improve key e-commerce metrics

TomTom is a global leader in navigation and mapping products, based in the Netherlands. In addition to mapping software and devices, the company also makes GPS watches, action cameras and state-of-the-art fleet management solutions, used by millions of people around the globe every day.

As the company has grown, e-commerce has become an increasingly important channel for the business. Like many retailers, TomTom has been focused on increasing sales online, where they have the ability to reach consumers all over the world and where profit margins continue to increase.

Inzwischen kommen die Leute zu mir und sagen: "Wir wollen das testen". Es spricht sich langsam herum, dass die Daten die Wahrheit aufzeigen werden.
Dave Powell
Dave Powell

E-Commerce Conversion Manager

Optimizing product pages delivers big results

One place TomTom has seen huge success with their experimentation is on their map product pages. In an effort to get more visitors from the product pages into the checkout flow, Dave tested two new variations of the price anchor at the bottom of each product page. The Control version requires two clicks, first for the selection and then to add to cart. Dave thought removing a click might remove some of the friction from the process.

Variation #1 showed the price options horizontally with one option highlighted in the center. Variation #2 stacked the same price options vertically. Dave hypothesized that these variations would improve conversion on the product pages and ultimately help to increase revenue from these products.

The results were even better than expected. While running Variation #1 of the price anchor, TomTom saw a 16% increase in conversion rate on the product pages. This relatively simple change in the layout of the price options ended up having a huge impact on online revenue for the business.

Experimentation taking root and growing at TomTom

Dave and team continue to see better results as they experiment more and more across the site. Even when a test has a negative outcome, this gives them valuable insight to inform future experiments. “People are starting to come to me and say ‘we want to test this’ and opinions are starting to fly around. It’s beginning to take hold that the data will tell the truth,” Dave says of their optimization program.

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