Harvard Business Review: Why Agile Goes Awry and How to Fix It

Focusing on customers with Agile development and experimentation

As organizations strive to become more adaptive and nimble, they are adopting Agile software development. While Agile can have tremendous benefits such as better collaboration between teams, improved responses to change, and greater learning, it can end up hurting teams when implemented incorrectly.

Many engineering and product teams are deeply focused on understanding what customers want and what will motivate them to buy. The best teams focus on maximizing their “speed to truth.” To do this, teams need to experiment and iterate quickly.

Read this Harvard Business Review article to learn why experimentation can help you better focus on customers, how to prevent the Agile process from going awry, and more:

  • Deliver what customers want through experimentation
  • Develop a customer-centric process to business software development
  • Organize teams to emphasize collaboration
  • Question current processes
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