B2B Experimentation & Personalization at Optimizely

How Optimizely's Marketing team drives sustainable business growth through experimentation

Driving quality leads, nurturing pipeline, and creating a great website experience are common challenges faced by marketing teams at B2B companies. At Optimizely, we take a data-driven approach, running over a hundred experiments and personalization campaigns a year to improve the web experience on Optimizely.com.

In this webinar from our ‘Under the Hood’ series, Director of Demand Gen, Michael O’Connell, and Experimentation Program Manager, Takeshi Young, will share strategic insights and tactical examples from Optimizely’s internal experimentation program.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How Optimizely manages its experimentation program
  • How to democratize the ideation process in your organization
  • Specific examples of experiments Optimizely has run to drive business results
  • How to combine experimentation with personalization to optimize your digital experiences

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Takeshi Young

Web Marketing Manager, Optimizely

Michael O'Connell

Senior Director, Demand Generation, Optimizely

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