Optimizely Under the Hood Webinar Series: Experimenting in a DevOps World

Optimizing Your Infrastructure and Deployments

Typically when people think of experimentation or A/B testing, they think about experimenting on how you build web pages or applications. But experimentation goes beyond just those use cases. With most companies migrating to infrastructure or platform as a service, there are new opportunities to use experimentation as a means to optimize the way in which we deploy software and scale infrastructure.

This webinar is part of the Optimizely Under The Hood series - where we show how different teams at Optimizely are driving product and business improvements by and experimenting across our entire engineering, product, and marketing lifecycles.

Join Joy Scharmen, Elizabeth Eady, and Greg Burek from the Optimizely DevOps team for a discussion about:

  • Testing and learning your way to more reliable and performant infrastructure
  • Accelerating your deploy cycles while increasing quality
  • Eliminating risk when making major changes to your infrastructure
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Greg Burek

DevOps Engineer, Optimizely

Joy Scharmen

Director, DevOps, Optimizely

Elizabeth Eady

Engineering Manager, DevOps, Optimizely

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