[Webinar] How to Leverage Design to Learn & Deliver Results Quickly

Super-charge your growth team's velocity

The role of design is often overlooked on growth teams that are moving fast and running experiments at scale. When applied correctly, design can be your growth team's secret weapon. Join Angel Steger, growth design lead at Dropbox, to learn how to leverage design thinking and design craft to super-charge your growth team's velocity while driving high-quality output. We’ll walk through tools and case studies to give you ideas you can put into motion right away.

What you'll learn:

  • how to leverage the Design role within a Growth team
  • how design quality works in the context of a fast-moving team
  • how to use design thinking to differentiate between haste and velocity as a cross-functional team
  • Walk away with tools to learn quickly while making meaningful progress against large unknowns

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Passionate about building tools that help people live their best lives, Angel has led teams to tackle opportunities productivity, creativity, education, and consumer genomics. Her interest in experimentation and learning began in her early days at 23andMe, where she learned how to leverage user research to drive new paradigms in tandem with analytics measurement. Currently managing Growth Design teams at Dropbox and previously at Pinterest, her teams have focused on driving customer acquisition, activation, engagement, and retention through connecting customers with relevant, actionable value. Outside of work, you'll find her at Pilates, watching movies, grooming her 9' plant wall, and experimenting with food.

Angel Steger

Director of Product Design, Growth Dropbox

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