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  • 10 websites launched on a single platform
  • Sites running in 25 languages
  • 61% reduction in content localization time
  • 80% increase in lead generation from January to April 2023


ACCO Brands is a leading supplier of consumer, academic and office products, with a long heritage and a wide product portfolio, operating in multiple markets across Europe. To enhance digital experiences for its customers, ACCO Brands relies on Optimizely as its primary technology partner.

Through a strategic collaboration with Wunderman Thompson, Optimizely's Customized Commerce platform has enabled ACCO Brands to overcome challenges in user experience, content management, and search engine optimization, leading to significant improvements in lead generation, content efficiency, and overall performance.

Adoption of Optimizely's Platform

ACCO Brands has been an Optimizely customer since 2014 and transitioned to the Optimizely One platform in 2020. Partnering with Wunderman Thompson, ACCO Brands embarked on a journey to optimize customer experiences using Optimizely's robust features. Wunderman Thompson played a pivotal role in the implementation process, providing technical expertise and support to align ACCO Brands' digital strategy with Optimizely's capabilities.


Wunderman Thompson seamlessly integrated Optimizely's Customized Commerce solution with ACCO Brands' existing tech stack, including a bespoke Product Information Management (PIM) system, Optimizely Campaign for email marketing, and Prisync by Commerce Connector for dealer integration. This integration enhanced data flow and streamlined processes, facilitating efficient lead generation and channel partner management.

Since we've been using Optimizely's platform to the extent that we are now, we've really seen improvements in content management efficiencies. The platform gives us control that we need at a central level, but the flexibility for our local markets to localise content as they see fit.

Björn Barnard
Director of Online Marketing EMEA


The adoption of Optimizely's platform has yielded several benefits for ACCO Brands. Enhanced content management efficiencies, facilitated by Optimizely CMS, have empowered central teams to maintain control while allowing local markets the flexibility to customize content rapidly. Leveraging Optimizely's project feature, ACCO Brands achieved a 61% reduction in content localization time, supported by integration with MemoQ for translation management.

Additionally, Optimizely's Visitor Group functionality enables personalized landing pages tailored to user behavior, driving a remarkable 80% increase in lead generation within the first four months of implementation. This personalized approach not only enhances conversion rates but also strengthens partnerships with channel dealers, benefiting the wider business ecosystem.

Features and Solutions Utilized

ACCO Brands leverages a comprehensive suite of Optimizely One features, including Optimizely CMS for content management, Optimizely Campaign for email marketing, Optimizely Search and Navigation for enhanced site search, and Optimizely Analytics for performance measurement and optimization. By utilizing these solutions, ACCO Brands ensures seamless user experiences and maximizes engagement across digital touchpoints.

Impact on Day-to-Day Operations

For Bjorn Barnard, Optimizely has become an indispensable tool in driving digital marketing initiatives at ACCO Brands. The platform's intuitive interface and robust capabilities empower him to orchestrate centralized strategies while enabling local teams to execute personalized campaigns effectively. This collaborative approach, supported by Wunderman Thompson's partnership, fosters continuous innovation and agility in adapting to evolving market dynamics.

Every time I go to our account manager with a new problem or looking for a new solution, Optimizely has something available or in the works that is going to meet my needs. So at the moment, I'm very happy as an Optimizely customer.

Björn Barnard
Director of Online Marketing, EMEA

Future Plans with Optimizely One Platform

Looking ahead, ACCO Brands envisions a roadmap of continuous development and optimization with Optimizely. Plans include upgrading to Optimizely 12 CMS to leverage performance enhancements and exploring headless e-commerce capabilities. With the support of Wunderman Thompson, ACCO Brands aims to stay at the forefront of digital innovation, delivering unparalleled experiences to its diverse customer base.


Through a strategic partnership with Optimizely and Wunderman Thompson, ACCO Brands has transformed its digital landscape, driving significant improvements in user experience, content efficiency, and lead generation. By leveraging Optimizely's Customized Commerce platform, ACCO Brands has unlocked new avenues for growth and differentiation in the competitive consumer and office products market. As they continue to innovate and evolve, ACCO Brands remains committed to delivering exceptional value to its customers across Europe.



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