No sign of things slowing down as we head into the last quarter of 2023. Optimizely Feature Experimentation has seen tremendous uptake as businesses seek efficiencies like returns reduction, increased personalization, and improved omnichannel experiences. Further to this, we have welcomed hundreds of customers as they migrate away from the soon-to-be shuttered Google Optimize. 

With all this customer activity we have had the opportunity to get some very constructive feedback which we are acting on across three core objectives:

Democracy – making experimentation more accessible across the entire organization

Impact – developing functionality to deliver even more impact from experimentation 

Velocity – new feature releases and improvements to help our customers run more experiments faster and make data-driven decisions.

Take a look at recent and upcoming Feature Experimentation updates below:

1-click migration path

  • Achieve better application performance
  • More flexibility in experimentation and progressive delivery

It’s now easier to migrate from legacy Full Stack to Feature Experimentation. Our In-app migration wizard retains all flags and experiments allowing for a seamless transition

Rule Scheduling 

  • Schedule a Feature Flag or Rule to toggle on/off 
  • Schedule traffic allocation percentages 

Achieve faster experimentation velocity with confidence in scheduled changes. Planning experiment execution ahead of time enables smoother progressive rollouts and takes the load off when planning out-of-hours releases.

Coming soon to open beta – check the beta page for updates Clock icon

Stat sig notifications 

  • Receive notifications when any metric in an experiment reaches statistical significance.

Increase experiment velocity and launch the next experiment sooner with the timely conclusion of experiments. Reduce operational risk by being alerted when monitoring metrics reach statistical significance

Now in open beta – sign up on the beta page 

Setting up statistical significance notificationssetting up notifications

SRM detection 

  • SRM detection identifies when a mismatch occurs, notifying the user. 
  • Also delivers information about why the mismatch is happening and tips for mitigation.  

Sample Ratio Mismatches can create false confidence in variations, and if not identified and rectified cause wasted effort and slow progress.

SRM Detection helps you decrease the number of invalid business decisions from false positives, and increase the number of high-quality experiments.

Coming to beta soon – check the beta page for updates. 

Experiment results

Experiment collaboration  

  • Workflow management to track tasks in the design, build, and launch of an experiment.
  • Experiment briefs let you document the context of an experiment – the hypothesis, variations assets, and key learnings – to promote collaboration and preserve discussion.
  • Intuitive calendar, timeline, or board view of the team's tasks to better orchestrate the program. 

Coming to Feature Experimentation in October – reach out to your CSM for more info. 

Seeing experiments in CMP

Experiment program reporting

  • Out-of-the-box reporting for Experimentation Program Managers 
  • Metric Impact Report: See how each experiment contributed to increasing the target metric
  • Program Throughput Report: Live view of % of visitors in at 0, 1, 2, 3, or N number of experiments 

We are always innovating our reporting tools. This latest update gives more access to more data from an intuitive dashboard. 

Experiment dashboard

Advanced audience targeting

With our Beta well underway, we are looking forward to announcing the launch of Advanced Audience Targeting soon.

Connect your existing CDP audiences and benefit from the real-time audience capabilities of Optimizely ODP - all in a low code integration.  

Watch this space for updates. 

 Experiment illustration

If you would like to give product feedback or join our Customer Advisory Board – reach out to your CSM. 

Our biggest event of the year is around the corner! Come meet the team and get the latest updates on how to improve customer experiences at Opticon.