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This is why Optimizely is partnering with Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP). Together, Optimizely’s Experimentation solutions and Google Cloud’s trusted and secure platform will empower marketers to unlock their digital potential, create exceptional customer experiences, and deliver strong business results.

We are excited about what this means for our customers, now that Optimizely’s best-in-breed Experimentation tools will be powered by Google Cloud. Moreover, we are excited by a shared vision to bring the world’s most advanced tools to marketers everywhere, with Optimizely’s experimentation suite joining some of the most widely used tools in the marketer’s repertoire, like Google Analytics, on the Google Cloud platform. 

Our shared vision looks towards a future forever shaped by the pace of change in recent years. Throughout the pandemic, there’s been a widespread shift in consumer demand for one-click purchasing, available inventory, and faster delivery times. In light of this, every company — big or small — must shift to a more offensive consumer-data strategy.

Most businesses made impressive adjustments to accommodate consumers during the height of the pandemic. However, plenty of data indicates that the overwhelming majority of consumers expect companies to deliver even more personalized interactions, whether online or in person. The companies that meet these demands will increase revenue and create happier, more satisfied returning customers.

This is especially true for content creators and marketers, both of whom have struggled to balance the time needed for ideation with the needs of their clients, the daily changes to the digital landscape, consumer demand for less copy, and a more straightforward user experience. 

The traditional, linear marketing approach is simply not moving fast enough to keep up with the speed of today’s consumers. Staying competitive in today’s digital landscape means being hyper-aware of the needs and expectations of today’s ever-changing consumers. The partnership between GCP and Optimizely is meeting that challenge. 

The ability to maximize insights from customer data using machine learning and advanced analytics can help all businesses automate processes, streamline operations, and make intelligent predictions about consumers' behavior. Done right, such as will be the case using Google Cloud and Optimizely, a quick and accurate data-management platform can improve the depth of service extended to a customer. 

This first step together is an exciting win for Optimizely, an exciting win for Google and a game-changing win for the overall marketing industry… and it’s only the beginning.