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Release of Swift SDK 3.1.0 Beta

The Optimizely X iOS Swift SDK 3.1.0-beta is written completely in Swift and uses all of its native types and patterns. By taking full advantage of the Swift language, it is safer, faster, and more compact compared to the 3.0.x and earlier Optimizely iOS SDKs, which are written in Objective-C.

Once you’ve set up the SDK, you can run experiments and use our feature management and rollout functionality. 

Automatic Datafile Management for JavaScript SDK v3.2.0

The Optimizely X JavaScript 3.2.0 SDK now offers an automatic datafile management functionality that dynamically manages datafiles for you. You only need to pass the SDK key value to instantiate a client. Whenever the experiment configuration changes, the SDK automatically handles datafile updates for you.

Decision Notification Listener

Notification listeners trigger a callback function of your choice when certain actions are triggered in the SDK. The most common use case is to build custom analytics integrations that forward impressions and conversion events on to other systems.

We added information for the new 3.1.x DECISION notification listener to Register notification listeners that replaces the ACTIVATE listener. The DECISION listener triggers a callback with the decision type, associated decision information, user ID, and attributes and integrates with the Activate, Get Enabled Features, Get Feature Variable, or Is Feature Enabled APIs.

Use this notification listener to focus on the experiment information that you need, such as:

  • When the system activates a user in an experiment.
  • When the system determines a user’s access to a feature or a variable value for a user.

The DECISION notification listener is supported in all 3.1.x SDKs: Android, C#, Java, JavaScript, Node, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Swift.

Breaking Change: The ACTIVATE notification listener is deprecated in Full Stack SDKs 3.1.x and later. You must use the DECISION listener.

If you have suggestions for our platform, contact us on Github. We want to hear about what you’re building and how we can help!