This year’s keynote, hosted by Claire Vo, Optimizely’s Chief Product Officer, focused on how companies are adapting their digital strategies rapidly in response to COVID. Claire emphasizes the importance of proactively building and testing experiences that help serve your customers. By doubling down on customer centricity, teams can continue to out-perform their competition. Claire was joined by other leaders from the product team, who shared the latest enhancements to Optimizely’s progressive delivery and experimentation platform. 

Here’s a recap of the most noteworthy announcements from the keynote:

Full Stack updates: Easier, faster, and more insightful

Since Full Stack launched in 2016, product and engineering teams have been using it to go beyond website testing and to experiment and roll out features deeply across their entire stacks. Teams have used Full Stack to drive increased product engagement and retention, incremental revenue, and safer, faster releases

Jamie Conolly, Group Product Manager of Full Stack, took the virtual stage to show off a redesigned Full Stack experience that is faster, easier to implement, more powerful, and more insightful. He also previewed a new Flag Monitoring capability in Full Stack that brings the power of Optimizely’s data platform and analytics to the company’s progressive delivery feature set. Flag Monitoring provides developers a direct line of sight into how the code they deploy behaves as well as audience analytics detailing how users engage with a flag, which in turn allows teams to make crucial time-saving decisions. 

You can learn more about these enhancements to Full Stack in our blog post.

Data platform: Unlocking new and more advanced use cases

Whelan Boyd, Group Product Manager, Data Platform, announced several major updates to Optimizely’s data platform including most notably Stats Engine Service. The new Stats Engine Service exposes Optimizely’s proprietary model for AB testing statistical analysis via an API. For the first time, you can run Stats Engine on non-Optimizely datasets from external sources like a data warehouse or analytics tool. 

Additionally, Whelan shared several new ways for companies to integrate Optimizely data into their own data warehouses including Enriched Events Export, a streaming export API; a command-line export tool called oevents; and integrations with Snowflake and Fivetran. Finally, Whelan showed off Optimizely Labs, a new collection of integrations and tutorials for working with Optimizely data and APIs. Learn more about these new features and their availability in our blog post.

Partnerships: Deeper integrations with AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce

This year at Opticon, the theme of embedded experimentation was front and center as Byron Jones, VP of Product and Partnerships, announced three key partnerships and integrations between Optimizely Full Stack and AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce to help teams deliver smarter, personalized experiences across channels, embed experimentation into e-commerce platforms, and optimize customer service experiences, respectively. 

First, Byron showed off an integration between Optimizely and Amazon Personalize that enables teams to use Optimizely to test, iterate, and roll out new machine-learning models for product and content recommendations. You can read more in our blog post.

Next, Byron showed off an integration between Optimizely and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. Dynamics 365 Commerce customers can now create experiments using Microsoft’s visual editor, add variations, and easily modify content. Behind the scenes, the experiences are delivered by Optimizely Full Stack. To learn more, visit

Finally, Byron showed off a new integration developed by Optimizely and Salesforce that enables brands to experiment on customer support experiences. The new Operations Experimentation (OpX) application for Salesforce enables teams to test various call scripts and process approaches to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and customer support efficiency. You can read more in our blog post.

Watch the Opticon20 keynote to learn more about all our latest product announcements. The opening keynote replay will be available to view shortly at