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Last April we launched the Optimizely Developer Platform, a set of APIs and developer tools that allowed customers and developers to extend, connect, and build on Optimizely in exciting new ways. Since then, we’ve seen customers gain tremendous value from these connections and the business gains that have come as a result.

The Optimizely Developer Platform has also enabled businesses to build on top of Optimizely. Partners such as BlueKai and Bizible have built phenomenal integrations that have helped our customers achieve their business goals faster and in unique new ways.

Our Developer Platform continues to evolve. Since its launch, developers have asked for the ability to do everything within Optimizely programmatically. Today we are one step closer to making that a reality.

The Optimizely REST API now has a new endpoint for results. With this new functionality, developers can programmatically retrieve experiment results data.

There are several ways we can envision this API endpoint being used, such as:

  • Pulling results data into your own internal dashboards
  • Creating a results widget within your CMS
  • Sending yourself e-mail alerts as soon as a milestone has been reached ( # of visitors, etc..)
  • Building your own version of an experiment results page
  • Creating a spreadsheet with historical experiment performance
  • Adjusting traffic allocation automatically over time.

and more!

Head over to the Optimizely Developer Platform for documentation and sample code related to this new functionality.

We’ve allowed select customers and partners to beta test this new functionality in our REST API which has helped us prepare it for general availability.

One of our beta testers, Cuba Flowers, Technical Director at Optimizely Solutions Partner, Roboboogie, has already begun building a custom dashboard for their clients. “Prior to this functionality, we spent hours manually creating spreadsheets to effectively communicate results to our high volume clients such as The CLYMB,” Cuba said. “Now, we have the capability to programmatically create customized, impactful reports online and in real-time. ”

We look forward to seeing what our customers and partners build with this. Give it a try