At a glance

  • 28 languages
  • 65% cost per word of list rate
  • 3 months to achieve ROI

The Challenge

Founded in 1954, Coloplast specialize in developing and manufacturing medical devices for health professionals globally. Their products and services are designed to make life easier for people living with very personal and private medical conditions including, Ostomy Care, Continence Care and Interventional Urology.

These often lifesaving products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide, each with their own intricate need and specialized requirement.

Coloplast had a mixed infrastructure based on various content management systems and differentiated local sites based on local market needs. With no centralized handle over content or layout they struggled when planning to migrate all sites to a common Optimizely CMS and Optimizely Commerce platform, both of which were already in place. A considerable challenge was how to manage a centralized translation of web and product content into 28 languages to serve to their diverse active markets.

All this was to coincide with Coloplast’s strategic direction of transitioning focus from a solely B2B stance onto B2C and direct-to-consumer.

With Optimizely we were the first company in our industry to build a [translation] connector. There’s pretty substantial savings to be had. It takes away headache, it gets rid of manual processes and ultimately makes translations significantly more scalable. It allows them [Coloplast] to get to market faster.

Nicholas A. Panagopoulos
VP, Global Strategic Alliances, GlobalLink

The Solution

In need of a translation management solution to cover all sites, Coloplast opted for the GlobalLink Connect Add-on for Optimizely. Through this automation, the submission of content needing translation and the subsequent retrieval of content post translation resulted in hundreds of operational hours saved. This was attributed as the most effective way of achieving the key objective; making a more streamlined process of managing and launching a multilingual site.

Working in close partnership with and Optimizely Premium Partner Valtech, the teams illustrated the system architecture based on the Optimizely solutions. This would act as a support for translation management technologies. This was tightly managed by the project management team in association with the Coloplast Digital Communications team.

With the implementation of GlobalLink Connect for Optimizely, Coloplast have entered the next stage of digital readiness. By running the necessary infrastructure and language services this solution provides, Coloplast are positioned to take products to market quicker than previously. Launches happens in weeks opposed to months, meaning they can react and deploy fast, standing out against competition.


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