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  • 4% faster response time
  • 5-10% better performance
  • 3 x more concurrent users

Dale of Norway is Norway’s largest textile producer. With their factories located close to an inexhaustible source of hydroelectric energy from the nearby waterfalls, and with doorstep access to abundant wool supplies within a village steeped in strong knitting traditions, Dale of Norway has created something truly unique combining the best of traditions with forward thinking design and technology.

The new site has been launched on the latest technology from Optimizely and Microsoft .NET 5 in the Norwegian data centre! This ensures extremely strong website performance and provides the security that Dale and WoolLand need to reach their customers. Built on the Optimizely Commerce Cloud, Dale of Norway and WoolLand, together with Epinova, have developed an online shop that gives people access to sustainable, high-quality clothing designed to last. 

International investment

Dale of Norway is an industrial venture envied by competitors. They are internationally recognized for their traditional woollen knits and the online store serves a worldwide market. 

'We know that the user experience was a make-or-break factor for an online store with our ambitions. This ensures extremely good performance and gives us the security we need in reaching out to our customers,' said Anette Juel Knudtzon, Managing Director of Dale of Norway and WoolLand. 

'Fast websites that scale based on traffic are critical for an online shop like ours. It was a issue that the old solution was not stable or flexible enough,' added Knudtzon.

Fast movers with the latest technology

Optimizely partner Epinova set up the new solution for Dale's and WoolLand's online shops. 

'This is a completely new technology. It means that both Dale of Norway and WoolLand have a powerful, future-proof solution. It has been a learning curve for everyone involved, but one that's left us feeling motivated. We are proud to be carrying out such a foward-thinking project with a company so rich in tradition. It is a classic example of established tradition meeting modern technology. It will be exciting to see the results of this project and how the new platform helps them to reach their targets,' said Guy Markussen, Key Account Manager at Epinova.

Dale and WoolLand have joined forces to create a solution that allows for several online shops, several markets and several countries to be hosted on the same platform. One of the major advantages lies in being able to run joint operations, administration and further development. 

'The solution is built on the latest version of Optimizely Commerce Cloud and version 5 of the Microsoft .NET framework. This ensures extremely good performance and provides the security that Dale needs for further expansion,' explained Steve Celius, Country Manager at Optimizely Norway. 'We have only just begun to tap into the technical possibilities and look forward to an exciting collaboration.'




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