A new name and a sharpened focus on customers

They’ve got a new name but they’re just as focused (if not more) on their customers as they were when they were founded as 3Wire in 2001. Marmon Link is an industry leading foodservice and beverage replacement parts distributor. They’re committed to providing the highest quality products and services to food and beverage customers coast-to-coast.

Marmon Link offers the single biggest selection of replacement parts, technical support and customer service – for Marmon-branded equipment, supporting industry leading brands such as Cornelius, Prince Castle and Silver King. The company’s genuine Marmon-branded OEM parts go through vigorous testing and extensive quality assurance. The team is highly efficient and works to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

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Rising up to the challenge and beating the competition

One of the biggest challenges in the food and beverage industry is that it‘s difficult to anticipate order needs. While other industries have predictive models for replacement needs, Marmon Link customers do not always know when they will need parts for their equipment. When the need arises, the need is immediate. That means suppliers like Marmon Link must have the inventory available and have the ability to deliver parts as soon as humanly possible.

In order to keep up with competition and meet customers’ immediate needs for replacement parts, Marmon Link knew they had to completely transform the buying experience. They needed to build a distinct digital advantage over their competition or they’d lose customers.

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A marketing-led charge

Marmon Link concluded they needed a complete revamp of their user experience to keep up. Where to turn? Website, eCommerce and integration projects are often led by IT professionals or c-suite leaders. However, a different player stepped up to the plate for Marmon Link.

We’re seeing more and more eCommerce projects being led by strong marketing leaders, and Jennie Stenback, VP Marketing and eCommerce at Marmon Link was just the person for the job.

From the beginning, Stenback knew that this went far beyond a website. She called it a transformational initiative; allowing for the unique complexities inherent in B2B environments. And she knew it would require an entire company shift, not just a website.

The marketing-led transformation needed buy-in across the organization and with their customers. Cross-functional team development was critical. In Marmon Link’s case key players in eCommerce included marketing, project management, IT, ERP strategists, business analysts, customer care, finance, logistics and sales. They needed their frontline sales representatives and Customer Service Representatives on board to help interpret what their customers were demanding from their buying journeys.

From a turnkey solution to a scalable one

The base eCommerce platform Marmon Link originally had in place was rigid and not customizable. Even more challenging, the original platform was blind to search engines on the most critical elements of parts inventory. Marmon Link needed a technology that could scale and grow with the business and enabled them to build an enhanced and modern user experience – allowing for the unique complexities of B2B.

The Marmon Link team needed to find a solution that could accomplish the following:

  • Service both businesses and individual customers
  • Out-of-the-box B2B functionality
  • Considerable customizability
  • Marriage between a B2B purchasing environment and a B2C-type frontend
  • Improve overall UX
  • Align with modernized processes and policies
  • Accommodate freight programming and simplified pricing models

Marmon Link chose the Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite platform because of its flexibility and robustness. Leveraging the platform, Marmon Link launched multiple websites, each serving complex customer needs.  The websites manage integrated search engine results and flexible platform modifications for a vastly improved customer experience.

Transformational results

After implementing Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite, Marmon Link made immediate progress toward ROI. They’re converting more users, gaining new customers and are a force to be reckoned with in the marketplace.

Marmon Link has seen significant increases across the board, including seeing an increase in page views and unique visitors.


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