At a glance

  • 20 websites running on Optimizely
  • 6 languages catered for

Driving a digital estate for stronger collaboration with customers

Royal Terberg Group is a major multinational player in producing and developing specialist transport vechicles. They operate 6 business units globally covering:

  • Special Vehicles
  • Environmental Equipment
  • Modification Cars & Vans
  • Modification Trucks
  • Truck Mounted Forklifts
  • Leasing

With their strong emphasis on invention, innovation, transformation and value creation, Terberg’s objective was to create an online digital platform that interacted with its entire sales channel. It needed to communicate directly with its international set of end customers. The platform also needed to be unique for each sales process depending on the country.

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Speaking the language of its audience

Using the Optimizely Foundation opensource accelerator, Terberg was able to quickly create CMS micro sites that were adaptable, versatile and technically flexible in terms of the functionality available. The CMS needed to be able to integrate with external tools without the fear of corruption within the platform, this was one of the most important elements within the CMS for the business.

Terberg is now running 20 sites using Optimizely across multiple languages including English, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German to name a few. These sites are segmented between divisions and countries making a typically difficult process relatively straight-forward to manage. The result being a platform that effectively manages content, integrates with external partners and apps.

Terberg is currently in the process of changing all of its websites within the organization over to Optimizely Foundation, which is testament to its confidence in the digital solution and their implementation partner Arlanet who carry out vast amounts of functionality and programming on the platform. The company have the tools to execute against their vision - the functionality to filter various items and then simultaneously display the content on various sites, making the sites even more dynamic. For example, sharing messages with its customers about news within the company, events that are taking place and even advertising job postings within the business.


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