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  • Four websites launched in six months
  • 2x increase in page views
  • Improved time savings to focus on strategic tasks

Spirotech’s industry-leading solutions for long-lasting heating and cooling systems

Founded in 1954 as a family business, Spirotech specializes in industry-leading solutions for cooling and heating systems that are energy-efficient as well as optimized for performance.

As the first firm in the Netherlands to develop air and dirt separators for use in heating and cooling systems, Spirotech became a leading expert in system water quality, developing reliable standards and customized solutions to boost performance and longevity of HVAC systems.

At the start of 2022, Spirotech acquired the Austrian company, EDER, for its pressurization technology in HVAC installations. This acquisition allows joint customers to benefit from the synergy of both firms for improved products and an expanding sales network for wider availability.

Today, Spirotech is a team of 300 employees servicing customers globally. Spirotech’s products are available worldwide through wholesalers and partners that are well-versed in industry knowledge and Spirotech’s solutions.

The buyers of Spirotech products, via wholesalers or partners, are active in residential and commercial projects including installers, specifiers, and consultants in the HVAC industry.

With this distribution method, Spirotech needs to provide wholesalers and partners, and its customers a holistic understanding of its offerings and educate them as to why it is the go-to for high-performance solutions that stand the test of time.

The challenge of sharing the Spirotech story

Since wholesalers and partners are key to driving Spirotech sales, they must master the breadth and depth of Spirotech’s solutions. To further drive the demand for its products, Spirotech must ensure buyers are actively enquiring about its solutions from wholesalers. This can only be achieved if Spirotech’s offerings and story are communicated clearly to all parties.

The Spirotech team knew making great products is only half the battle won. They understood that having a strong online presence is important in building connections with existing and potential customers. Hence, customer education was at the heart of its digital transformation.

Creating awareness of its solutions and corresponding benefits was just one facet of its strategy. The team also had to highlight potential issues HVAC systems face and demonstrate how Spirotech can help solve these problems. It wanted to approach its content strategy with stories that cultivate relatability and understanding.

Spirotech’s Digital Marketer, Laurens Costa, shared the previous solution prioritized ecommerce over content while the next solution the business was moving towards did not meet the basic requirements of its digital vision.

The team went through multiple attempts to establish its digital footing and decided that their ideal digital solution should consist of:

  • Integration between PIM and website
  • A functional website that promotes engagement through content
  • Accessible resources for wholesalers and customers on a strong CMS
  • Support for multilanguage and multisite
  • A flexible and practical backend interface

Finding its footing with an exceptional content strategy rooted in creating awareness

Having heard of and seen implementations of Optimizely, Costa was encouraged to explore Optimizely’s capabilities for Spirotech. He was aware that selecting the right Optimizely partner that understood Spirotech’s needs could greatly accelerate its digital success.

Spirotech landed on Optimizely partner Delaware after exploring its options outside and within Optimizely. Delaware and Spirotech started their partnership on the right foot by establishing clear communication every step of the way.

Delaware’s proactiveness made it easy for the Spirotech team to work with, with the experienced Optimizely partner sharing its expertise to speed up developments. It also helped that the Spirotech team and Delaware were in constant contact, streamlining the communication flow.

With Delaware’s expertise with Optimizely’s solutions, Spirotech was able to achieve one of its immediate goals of integrating a PIM with its website, providing the Spirotech team with a holistic, bird’s eye view of the business’s product data. Changes made on the PIM are immediately reflected on Spirotech’s website, reducing unnecessary and error-prone edits.

Spirotech’s content-focused digital strategy spurred its extensive utilization of Optimizely’s Content Management capabilities. With its new website built on .NET and Microsoft’s Azure, Spirotech had a digital solution that was fast, secure, and capable of handling spikes in traffic, allowing customers and wholesalers easy access to Spirotech resources.

Optimizely’s intuitive CMS also helped Spirotech craft its content strategy, enabling the Spirotech team to create great content experiences to educate site visitors. Since Optimizely’s Authoring & Layout blocks are easily customizable with drag-and-drop, the team can focus fully on crafting exceptional stories, streamlining the content creation process.

In addition, Spirotech leveraged Optimizely’s Multisite Development to build its multisite digital solution using a shared database and content assets. Content and Media Management are utilized in tandem to handle content permissions and publishing, empowering the team to make quick edits that can be reflected instantaneously.

Spirotech’s worldwide presence requires its digital solution to cater to a multitude of languages, one of the key reasons Spirotech chose Optimizely. With Optimizely’s multilanguage implementation, the Spirotech team can quickly deliver content and new webpages in various languages just by editing the main text once instead of repeating the process for every language.

Optimizely’s on-the-go mobile-responsive interface also helped the Spirotech team develop website views that were responsive across different devices. The Spirotech team only needs to execute minimal decision-making for its website’s mobile layout.

With the PIM and Optimizely integration executed by Delaware, it saved us a lot of time. Our data is now in one place.

Laurens Costa
Digital Marketer, Spirotech

Spirotech successfully builds an industry-leading digital solution

Optimizely’s PIM integration capabilities streamlined internal workflows and saved the team time to work on high-value tasks. With the partnership with Delaware, website redirection and search engine ranking were executed smoothly.

With the flexible and intuitive content creation interface, the Spirotech team managed to reallocate resources to focus on strategic goals instead of day-to-day tasks. This has helped to improve sales through improved content marketing aimed at educating customers. Its content strategy has expanded into product placements within content pieces to drive top-of-mind recall.

Costa shared one of the most amazing feats achieved by Spirotech on Optimizely was launching four new websites, from scratch, in six months. Spirotech’s digital solution is available in seven different languages.

Results of its new and improved websites include more than double the number of page views and time spent on website than before, encouraging the team to improve awareness campaigns across its digital assets. Bounce rates also decreased by 35%.

Leveraging Optimizely’s solution means Spirotech can focus on what it does best – making long-lasting, energy-efficient HVAC products. This further cements Spirotech’s position as an industry leader that prioritizes manufacturing high-quality products for its customers.

Spirotech’s digital future 

With a content strategy in place, Spirotech looks forward to targeting different groups of potential customers and approaching customers from a different angle. This will involve improving awareness on other potential issues related to the quality of system water in HVAC systems.

Spirotech plans to leverage Optimizely’s capabilities to build a holistic view of its customer database to improve its understanding of who it is serving. The company’s goal is not only to be known as an expert in manufacturing high-quality solutions but to be established as an online expert in supporting customers looking to optimize their heating and cooling systems for enhanced comfort.

Costa sees Optimizely as an integral part of Spirotech’s vision in supporting the team to achieve these goals.


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