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  • 200 000 sidevisninger pr mnd pre- Covid 19
  • 14 millioner sidevisninger i april 2020
  • 64 millioner sidevisninger per august 2020

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health used Optimizely Content Cloud to ensure that critical information reached the population under Covid19

As a state administrative body, the National Institute of Public Health is subordinate to the Ministry of Health and Care Services with the aim of communicating knowledge that contributes to good public health. As a national competence institution with responsibility for outbreak investigation, infection detection and counseling for the entire population, a number of occupational groups, municipalities, as well as the government, comprehensive and ongoing information online is crucial and critical.

When Covid19 broke out, the National Institute of Public Health's website suddenly became one of Norway's most important sources of information. Large amounts of content had to be in place and huge amounts of traffic had to be handled.

Migration in 48 hours

As the crisis developed and the traffic on the National Institute of Public Health's platforms began to increase, the servers became congested and NIPH saw the need to ensure a reliable flow of information. During 48 hectic hours at the end of March, the entire organization's solution was migrated to Optimizely's cloud service, Optimizely Content Cloud. The platform came into place at the same time as the national intervention came in full force - and very many have sought out and been dependent on finding infection control advice online.

Long-term benefits

Having all digital content on one platform safely managed in a simple and seamlessly scalable system - what Optimizely likes to call its customer-centric digital experience platform - gives FHI many economies of scale.

The solution has several functions that are otherwise resource-intensive to keep professionally up to date on. The platform is delivered as a service where functions such as software, search, monitoring, security, scaling and operation are provided by experts. This also frees up resources within the organization, so that webmasters or market managers have more time to create good content, optimize customer journeys and provide service, while Optimizely constantly takes care of what is under the hood.



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