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Jessica is a Senior Software Engineer at Optimizely whose life was changed by the I/Own It program. She has a BA in Geography from Vassar College. In her spare time, she loves to sew, read, bike, talk, and spot critters in the wild.

Jessica Chong

Senior Software EngineerOptimizely


Yeesheen is a Senior Product Manager of Growth at Optimizely. In this role, she works to drive user engagement and growth with Optimizely's powerful progressive delivery and experimentation platform to help teams ship software faster, and with more confidence. Prior to joining Optimizely, Yeesheen was a researcher specializing in trends in futurism, life extension technologies, and art. She received a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from U.C. San Diego and still loves tacos and yoga.

Yeesheen Yang

Senior Product ManagerOptimizely


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