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Quantify the ROI of Your Experimentation Program

How do you measure the financial impact of experimentation on your business? At Optimizely, we’ve built a new ROI model that enables you to calculate the potential ROI of your experimentation program. In this session, you’ll learn how organizations such as The Venetian Casino Resort Las Vegas rigorously quantify the value of their experiments using ROI modeling, and how you can get started with this technique.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How The Venetian Resort created an ROI model to quantify the value of experimentation
  • How to get started quantifying the ROI of experimentation at your company with Optimizely’s model
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in your attribution strategy and in quantifying impact across multiple experiments

Jeff Blettner uses CRO to combine his passion for design with the analytical power of A/B testing. With over a decade of CRO experience, Jeff has worked in both agency and in-house roles, exposing him to a wide range of optimization and process challenges.

Jeff Blettner

CRO StrategistTinuiti


Chris Darner is a champion of good experience and a well-respected expert in both Internet product management and online website customer experience. He has held executive positions in a wide range of companies in industries as varied as e-commerce, casino gaming, casual gaming, hospitality and consumer media. Chris currently leads the product management organization at The Venetian Casino Resort Las Vegas designing the strategy and execution of their online and mobile customer experience.

Chris Darner

VP Product ManagementThe Venetian Casino Resort Las Vegas


Kate Nichol is the Director of Success Excellence at Optimizely. She manages teams focused on improving the ROI that Optimizely clients achieve with their programs. Kate began her career at S&P Global, where she launched a new product for risk modeling.

Kate Nichol

Director, Global Success ProgramsOptimizely


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