Through the Eyes of a Developer: Optimizely X Web Experimentation

Price: $500

You’re a developer. You already understand the basic building blocks of Optimizely X Web Experimentation, or you’ve not used Optimizely for a while and want a refresher course: this course is for you! As a developer, you want to know more than the basics of experimentation to take your experimentation program to the next level.

You will learn how to:

  • Prevent flashing of experiments in custom code
  • Track visitor actions throughout your funnel with custom events
  • Leverage your existing data to identify meaningful audiences and segments
  • Integrate with other best-of-breed technologies to expand your targeting abilities
  • Assign custom attributes to visitors for more advanced targeting and segmentation
  • Build extensions to create custom features that are reusable for non-technical teams
  • Employ Stats Accelerator to get statistically significant results faster
  • Track metrics across Optimizely projects to broaden the reach of your results insights

This course is best suited for:

  • Developers that have already already run several Optimizely X Web experiments
  • Developers that have already participated in the Optimizely Academy or Training Consultant-led "Optimizely X Web Platform training"
  • Developers that are attending the Opticon19 "Building Blocks of Optimizely X Web Experimentation" training

Nils has been at Optimizely for over 5 years. Through his roles in Tech Support and Partner/Customer Enablement, he has gained vast knowledge on Optimizely's products. He is excited to share this knowledge at Opticon Training Day.

Nils van Kleef

Technical Training ConsultantOptimizely


Rob has been a member of Optimizely’s Services team for 2 years, enabling both digital and enterprise customers to build their technical and Optimizely expertise, increase their testing and personalization skills, and build meaningful experiments and campaigns for their customers.

Rob Saunders

Technical Training ConsultantOptimizely